The New £50m Scotch Corner Commerce park retail outlet


The New £50m Scotch Corner Commerce park retail outlet

The new £50m designer retail park will attract visitors from across the North of England – but others warn it will threaten nearby regeneration projects. The Scotch Corner Designer Village, just outside richmond and off the A1M, was given the go-ahead by Richmondshire District Council on Thursday (January 29).The development is expected to be the biggest designer outlet park in the North-East and North Yorkshire. Developers anticipate visitors to spend a massive £100m a year in the park. The 33 acre site will have about 87 stores and at least nine restaurants and is expected to generate 700 new jobs for the area.

Martin Hughes, a spokesman for Scotch Corner Richmond Llp, estimates the development would attract two and three-quarter of a million visitors a year from across the North. He said they were considering including a tourist information point to encourage visitors to explore the wider area. “They’re designed to be pleasant environments so people do dwell there rather than a soulless retail park,” he said.

“The rough view is that about 25 per cent of visitors will come from the millions of cars that go up and down the A1 and the rest will come primarily from the North of England.

The plans now go to the Secretary of State for consultation under planning rules for major out of town developments.

Corporate director at Richmondshire District Council Callum McKeon said: “We believe that this development will compliment the variety of shops found in Darlington, Northallerton and Teesside because it is something new for Richmondshire and none of the designer outlets proposed for the Scotch Corner development are currently found in those locations.”

Local critics of any progress or development in the area say such a large leisure and retail development will jeopardise and deliver a huge blow to existing trade and will effect all nearby towns including Darlington, Northallerton, Richmond, leyburn and any other village they can claim it will effect.