Irish Guard based at Catterick Garrison cleared of raping woman in Richmond


Irish Guard based at Catterick Garrison cleared of raping woman in Richmond

Irish Guard based at Catterick Garrison accused of raping a woman he met in The Louis Bar nightclub, The Irish Guard walked free from court after being cleared by a jury and found not guilty on the sixth day of his trial at Teesside Crown Court. It was alleged that Stephen Reeves a 32-year-old “roughly” attacked the woman in her home in nearby Richmond on May last year. The prosecution said she was shoved onto a bed and had her face gripped “like a rag doll” and has bruises to her leg. Mr Reeves told police after his arrest that the woman was enjoying herself and the encounter had been consensual. Steven Reeves has served with the Irish Guards for the past 12 years and was posted to Catterick Garrison in November 2014. The Irish Guard got chatting to the woman in Louis Bar, Catterick, and was invited back to her home. The Irish Guard said he was under the impression they were going to have sex by the way the women was kissing me and grinding her body against his. In his account, he said during sex the woman suddenly stopped and then disappeared. He believed she had gone to the toilet But then he discovered she had in fact left leaving the door to the house open. He told investigating officers: “I just thought she had enough. I did not get the impression she was afraid, she seemed to be enjoying it and At no point did she tell me to stop.”

When interviewed by police, the woman said Mr Reeves had pushed her onto a bed and threatened her. She said he had been “really rough” and held her face. Mr Reeves, who is originally from Belfast, said the woman had not seemed distressed. However, friends later reported her as crying and hysterical, while she also had bruises and scratches to her thigh.