Ever since it was announced that the Army Garrison at Catterick was to be expanded, with its population reaching 25,000 in the next few years.
You don’t need to be a master tactician to realise this will mean more jobs and a growing economy and more business, You would be crazy not to advertise with us.

Local Targeted Advertising

Online local advertising can provide tremendous benefits for small businesses looking to advertise online. Optimizing your web site for online local advertising is a great way to get the attention of new potential customers and drive quality traffic to your business’ site.


You control your own Advertising


We offer truly affordable advertising that lets you create a ‘mini’ web page for your business, A web page that you can update your information and images anytime you like. with no extra cost

But you already have a website?

Just because you have a website it does not mean you should stop there. How do people know about it? How do you get people to visit it? You can specify your website here on your mini-website. This will improve your SEO on your own site.

Packages offer the following features:


Your company details and logo 

all about your business
Up to 4 images
 Contact details address, telephone, location


Promote your business, products or services today!


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Exclusive Advertising Options

Internal Catterick Garrison ‘mini’ web page.
 Your Logo & Business Information Advertised in
The Business Guide, on the map and search.
Update Information Anytime You Like!
Internal Catterick Garrison ‘mini’ web page
Your Logo & Business Information Extra 4 Images
Advertised in The Business Guide and on the map,
Search Engine Optimised Code included
Update Information Anytime You Like!

Coming Soon

Advertisers are provided with their own private login information to be used to access our online Advertiser Control Panel.